05/10/19 – 23h00-0h30

Time travellers, Bullet musicians come back from the 80es to take you on a ride through what Heavy Metal and Hard Rock has done best. Formed in 2001, ne band never ceased to tour with their Bullet Bus, as vintage as their stage clothes… After all these years on the roads of Sweden, Germany, Spain, Slavic countries, the band released their 6th album “Dust to Gold” in 2018 and toured with Ross the Boss and Crystal Viper, stopping in Grenoble and Colmar, where they rocked the place down. Hence the idea to offer them to co-headline for the Rising Fest became obvious. Sharp riffs, hoarse voice, two-guitar flying melodies, attitude and 100% pure hard Rock look, the Swedes got it all and keep the sheer style…of steel!

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