Nanowar of Steel

05/10/19 – 18h30-19h30

You certainly haven’t escaped to the summer hit. What? You didn’t profane graves to the rhythm of the Rumba? When the tune entered Spain’s top 50 and Norwegian Airlines used it for promotion? Nanowar of Steel, the Italian evil twin of French band Ultravomit has been this summer sensation with their slapstick reggaeton, as wacky as the rest of their album ‘Stairway to Valhalla”, telling the tales of hardware superheroes, Power barbies we’d like to f…, especially after an unhappy love affair with a gargoyle or a meeting with a vegan velociraptor. Nanowar of Steel makes fun of everything with panache, we are able to foresee conga lines forming in the Rising fest audience. Those Romans are crazy!